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Suggestion Box

Have a suggestion? Drop it here! Complaint? Concern? Plot ideas? Same thing! If need be mod contact is also listed here.

Comments are screened, but unless specifically requested they may be unscreened upon mod reply.

Monster Suggestions
The Discedo Bestiary is always looking for new and interesting creatures! If you have a suggestion reply here with the following:

Spectavi Suggestions
[personal profile] spectavi is dedicated to bringing characters the most up-to-date and completely unbiased news! Spectavi runs every month the weekend after the 15th. If you have any events or rumors you'd like to suggest for news coverage you can do so here. For in-game events please give a brief, but concise synopsis. You may also link threads. Suggestions can include broad events such as a new building generator, personal ones such as two friends fighting and rumors as outrageous as you like (alien invasions, characters being pregnant, predictions of catastrophes and apocalypses, big foot: if you could find it in the National Enquirer or the Sun feel free to suggest it!).
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Rooming List

  »Marshall Street Apartments
  »Latimir Street Apartments
  »Horton Lane Apartments
  »Gohl Avenue Houses
  »Christian Frederick Apartments
  »Other Discedo Locations

  »Other Dissimulo Locations

  »5th Avenue Apartments
  »University Dorms
  »2nd Avenue Hotel
  »Other Spero Locations

To claim housing comment to an open room with your character's journal and name. If multiple people are living in one place please make an individual comment for each character.
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Mod Contact

Game Plurk: [ profile] coniurati

Name: Jenna [EST]
LJ Username: [personal profile] thelastpupnik
Messenger: bebo the dragon

Name: Maresuke [EST]
LJ Username: [personal profile] cubemun
Messenger: iamcubemun

Name: Sara [PST]
LJ Username: [personal profile] currysauce
Messenger: currykirby

Name: AnNika [EST]
LJ username: [personal profile] bread
Messenger: Maypie Lord

Name: Lita [EST]
LJ username: [personal profile] kittykatrawr
Messenger: rubyjewelranger

Concerns/questions can also be directed to the Suggestions Box page.
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Hiatuses may last up to one month. If you need to extend your hiatus comment to your original comment with the noted change.

As a reminder you may only hiatus through one (1) Activity Check. After that you must pass the next one to retain your characters in the game. Activity requirements may be given to any mod at any time during the month if you know you won't be around for AC. If for any reason you can't meet these requirements please contact a mod.


Please out the form below to drop a character. Please be sure to remove the communities below, as well.

drop form:

[community profile] discedo
[community profile] discedo_logs
[community profile] discedo_ooc
[community profile] oldmanhangout
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